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RhymeZone app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 8640 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: Datamuse Corporation
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.2, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 22 Jan 2012
App size: 40.63 Mb

Find the right word wherever you go. The official RhymeZone iOS app is a fast, powerful rhyming dictionary and thesaurus that you can use anywhere, even if youre not on the net. Quickly find rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, similar sounding words, words with the same consonant pattern, and other related words (generalizations, specializations, words appearing in the same context).

You get a database of way over 100,000 words and phrases right at your fingertips. Find rhymes without an internet connection, but if you are on the net when you use the app, it can connect you to for definitions and all the other great features youve come to love. Or you can look it up on our sister site,, or even hear it pronounced with your devices built-in text-to-speech.

Theres also a nifty "Poet Maker" feature, which lets you find words that match constraints on both rhyme and meaning at the same time. For example, suppose you want a word that rhymes with "cat" and means "heavy"; this feature will answer "fat" in no time. Or suppose youre looking for a rhyme of "curious" that means "invalid"; youll get "spurious". You get the idea! This feature is experimental; registered users of the app will get free upgrades as they become available.

So whether youre looking to put on the finishing touches of a love poem, bust out the next rap lyric, or just seeking some clever wordplay for your English assignment, give the app a try!

Pros and cons of RhymeZone app for iPhone and iPad

RhymeZone app good for

Needs a UI refresh, but gets the job done. It is my go to app for finding synonyms and rhymes when writing.
Great app for songwriters, or writers of any kind, at a ridiculously low price.
Just what I needed for writing. The synonyms could be a bit more inclusive, but for rhymes it is the best.
I have been using rhyme zone for many years It helps me write my poems which Ive been writing for 20 years Its so much faster and easier than figuring all the rhymes in my head I no longer need a rhyming dictionary. Its an awesome app
Very quick and easy to use. Much faster than the online version.
It looks up rhymes, near rhymes, homophones, synonyms, antonyms and whatever else you need! You can look up rhymes by the word count or syllables. Best thing about it? YOU CAN DO ALL THIS OFFLINE. Almost worth the cant look up definitions of the words founded offline though. Also, online has more options so remember that. But for me, a poet and ex-rapper, its a good app!

Some bad moments

I wanted a rhyming app that worked offline. Without an internet connection it rarely provides any good results. When you have a connection it just sends me to the site, Im not sure why I would pay so much for something I can just do on the site. I would LOVE this app if it could give me the results that the website does, and function the same way the site does.
The description said add free but the app is a tiny strip on the left side of the screen with a giant add window on the right. This is false and misleading.
Only has common words from the dictionary, little poetic value
I entered "back" as a near rhyme. But nothing like fact or "act" sounding rhymes or lap, nap etc "app" rhyme came up. Just a bunch of "ack" what about mad, had etc "ad" rhymes also? The near rhyming needs a lot more work and I just started using this. The interface seems nice but the results of near rhymes has started out very disappointing. Also "ave" rhymes like have and I could go on. Additive, subtractive and rhymes with similar sounding consonants must be added as near rhymes. Very disappointed and I just paid for this hoping for more
Im disappointed that many of the words Ive looked up didnt have many rhyming words. I found more words in my paper version.
I spent $3 thinking oh yeah much easier to use than the website I was wrong it so slow to load. Dont waste ur money not worth the money at all!!!