RhymeZone App Reviews

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Dope app ,

Its worth it !

Very useful

Needs a UI refresh, but gets the job done. It is my go to app for finding synonyms and rhymes when writing.


I love it. It definitely helps with writers blocks


Great app for songwriters, or writers of any kind, at a ridiculously low price.

Love love love

Couldnt live without this app


I write basically almost everyday and use rhyme zone online for a lot of my verses but the app doesnt have near as many words as the site does, the app needs to be updated with all the words the site has to be beneficial

Great for Poets

Just what I needed for writing. The synonyms could be a bit more inclusive, but for rhymes it is the best.

Awesome app

I have been using rhyme zone for many years It helps me write my poems which Ive been writing for 20 years Its so much faster and easier than figuring all the rhymes in my head I no longer need a rhyming dictionary. Its an awesome app


Very quick and easy to use. Much faster than the online version.

Best Rhyming Dictionary App!

It looks up rhymes, near rhymes, homophones, synonyms, antonyms and whatever else you need! You can look up rhymes by the word count or syllables. Best thing about it? YOU CAN DO ALL THIS OFFLINE. Almost worth the price....you cant look up definitions of the words founded offline though. Also, online has more options so remember that. But for me, a poet and ex-rapper, its a good app!

Just use the site

I wanted a rhyming app that worked offline. Without an internet connection it rarely provides any good results. When you have a connection it just sends me to the site, Im not sure why I would pay so much for something I can just do on the site. I would LOVE this app if it could give me the results that the website does, and function the same way the site does.


This is one of my favorite apps. I use it constantly. It is the best app of this category that I have used. Highly recommend.

Worth every penny

This is hands down the absolute best app out there for thesaurus/dictionary/rhyming.I am a musician and every time I sit down to write lyrics for a song, I use this app. I wouldnt know what to do without it. Absolutely worth every penny. No ads either! Runs smooth and is easy to use! Buy it !

Simply elegant

Straightforward and useful. Indispensable aid for poets and song writers.

Lyricist, Vocalist, Artist

Absolutely fantastic!

V Helpful App, Good Start

Glad to see this go from Web to internal app. Also accesses web resources if connection available. Can be much improved if authors add memory bank feature to keep the latest previous word searches available. Its silly to have to reenter a word when working and another word must be looked up.

Love this app!

It has full functionality, and also easily transitions to the website which offers a slightly different format and more options. I love this app and am pleased with how it works for me.


Finally a rhyming dictionary that doesnt only give you perfect rhymes.


Its amazing and useful for homework its good for writing songs over all amazing. Only its sometimes not precise:(



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